NC Sports Medicine

Symposium for Students


 1.  The most frequently asked question from parents is regarding

       supervision.  What kind of supervision will there be?

A:  We have a general population of 50-60 attendees each year with

      12 staff residing in the residence hall with the students.  Girls

      and guys are split and on different floors. If there are suite style  

       rooms, there will be same sex gender in each suite.  We have our

       staff on each floor and a part of all of our activities so they are

       supervised from the time they arrive until they leave.

2.  How do I get in touch with my child at camp if there is an


A:  Please feel free to contact the camp director, Randy Pridgen, at 


3.  How are we roomed together?  Do we get a roommate?  Can I room with someone from my school?   

A:  You are paired by gender.  If you have a preference for a
      roommate, by all means let us know on your  registration form            and we will make every effort to room you with that person as              long as you both agree.  If you don't know anyone, you will be
      paired with someone to room with.  

4.  How do we know what level to choose? 

A:  The symposium is designed by curriculum for those who come

       for more than one year to see something different every year they

       come. If they start their freshman year, they will eventually go

       through the upper and lower extremities as well as some

       advanced topics in the advanced group. If you have no

       experience and you cannot tape an ankle, then you need to be in

       the beginner group. It generally follows your grade in school.

       Freshman - beginner, Sophomore – basic, Junior – intermediate

       and Seniors – advanced. I will generally not put you at a level

       above your grade. If you’re a senior and have never been to our
       symposium but can tape, it is generally your choice of topic.  If   
       you have a licensed athletic trainer at your school, they may be
       able to help you decide your level.  If you are still unsure,  
       contact the symposium director.  

5.  What do I bring?


Toilet articles, sheets, pillow, towels, sleeping bag, light blanket,

       alarm clock, t-shirts, shorts, tennis shoes, pen/pencils, and

       spending money. You will need money for concessions at the ball

       games and to potentially order food at night.  ($50 or less)  DO

       NOT BRING VALUABLE ITEMS. We are not responsible for lost

       or stolen items.

6.  What kind of beds are in the residence hall?

A:  Twin bed XL mattress in double rooms.  Full Queen in single

      rooms.  Suggest a sleeping bag as an alternative.  

7.  How early can we arrive on the day of the symposium?

A:  You can arrive on campus after lunch.  

 Registration is from 1:00-

       3:00pm.  If you need to 

arrive earlier, please make arrangements

      with Mr. Pridgen

8.  What meals are provided?

A:  Monday:  D


      Tuesday and Wednesday:  Breakfast, lunch and dinner
      Thursday:  Breakfast only

9.  When is camp over?
      We will end at noon on Thursday.  If you NEED to leave earlier
      you may.
If you have any other questions, please feel free to email me at or call 252-289-5005